Mary Hamilton flogged for Fraud

Notoriety represents how a Doxy is being constantly watched by the corrupt authorites of Georgian Society. It is a bit like Scandal in Courtesans only there is no benefit to a high score at all. In fact quite the contrary.

Notoriety's starting level is determined by Starting Merit and Flaw Choices. As it builds up a Doxy becomes an easier target for prosecution real or fabricated. For each 5 points of Notoriety (you do get a special Test to avoid each of these levels) a Doxy gains an Infraction.

These are...

Notoriety 5 Watched: The Doxy is being watched carefully by local Thief Takers.

Notoriety 10 Branded: The Doxy has a red hot iron placed against her skin as a permenant reminder of her "sin."

Notoriety 15 Flogged: The Doxy is paraded half naked through the streets then tied to a post and whipped.

Notoriety 20 Hanged: The Doxy is hanged by the neck until dead. Create a new Character!